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Attention all Naruto and Kabuki Fans!!! You are at the right place if you are looking for an authentic, collectable ANBU mask. These high quality, hand crafted masks will stay true to the anime, and will resemble the character as close as possible. Our sculptor and development team carefully created a mask mold that would appear more cat-like than any other ones on the market. The mask is made out of plastic that is thicker than normal, making it more durable. A heavy duty elastic strap is used for longer wear and tear, and the glue used to pece it together is Marine glue, which is heavy duty glue used for boats. Black screens are placed at the sockets to keep the eyes hidden and a foam piece is also added on the inside of the mask for support and comfortability. High quality vinyl stickers are used for the stripes. Touch up gloss would then be added for a beautiful finishing effect. Each mask is individually HAND MADE and LABOR INTENSIVE, and as a result, there would be only a LIMITED supply. We could guarantee that fans of the show won’t be disappointed with our finished product. Great for Naruto Fan’s and Collectors as well as Kabuki enthusiasts!! Enjoy!!


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PP: Last Updated on July 19, 2005