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Size: 8" x 6.5" Half-face Mask
Materials: Plastic, Elastic Strap, Black Screen
Left ViewMiddle ViewRight View
Bottom Left ViewFront View
As you can see, these are not the actual pictures of the mask that's is gonna be sold. It is current being designed and carefully hand-scultped by our sculptor. We are taking the time out to make the mask an exact replica of character from the anime series. The pictures shown above are just a few of the many shots and angles that are taken into account, and are given to our production team. Although not all are presented on the site, it is enough to show the precision of our work. The mask is very durable, created from hard plastic, and attached with a heavy duty strap. Acylic paint will be used to make the stripes and a finishing coat of gloss will be added to the beautiful mask. Each mask is HAND-MADE and not massed produced. A lot of time and effort is put into this project to bring you a very high-quality ANBU Mask. Pictures of the actual mask will be posted up as soon as we finish creating a mask that satisfies our team, but more importantly, our fans.









PP: Last Update on October 4, 2004